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Custom Orders

Honored to help bring your vision to life!

What is the process for a custom order?

We have worked diligently to provide the smoothest process for our clients while delivering their visions.

Each custom order starts with a free consultation. To schedule yours, please use the "Contact Us" page, linked below. This consultation allows us to hear our client's vision, ask questions, provide recommendations, but most importantly ensure that the order can be sourced, produced, and delivered while meeting Jabulani Creations' highest standards. We are very selective of the artisans we choose to partner with in order to provide our clients with the best pieces while positively impacting the creators.

After the initial consultation is when the real fun begins! Depending on the order request, we may already have artisan partners but in the event we do not, we will begin researching & finding the perfect source. Given the custom nature of each order, the timing for these orders varies. As the client, we will work closely with you to ensure that every detail of the order meets your specific specifications.

*Due to COVID-19, our ability to source some products may be impacted*

Whenever you are creating beauty around you, you are restoring your own soul

-Alice Walker

Previous Custom Orders

We have been completing custom orders since the our founding. They truly are one of our favorite aspects of this business.

We have extensive knowledge and experience providing our clients with the following products:

Namji Dolls

Native to Central Africa, these exquisitely crafted tribal figures have a long history. Each ethnic group has their own designs and uses for these figures. Arguably the most famous are commonly referred to as "Cameroon fertility dolls". These figures have historically been dolls given to young girls and are kept into adulthood.

The contemporary Namji doll design is rooted in South Africa and also the location of our artisan partners. The design was created by Baman artisans in South Africa several decades ago. They fused their cultural designs with beads that are often used by Southern Africa ethnic groups.

Most of the artisans are introduced to a specific craft that has been passed down for generations within a family.

For more information on the Baman people of Cameroon, please click here.

Tikar Bangles

Tikar Bangles served a multitude of purpose to the tribesmen of Cameroon. The contemporary designs we see today have their origins in South Africa. The bangles begin by being modeled from an ancient clay technique that has been passed down for many generations in North West Cameroon. Cameroonian artisans in South Africa incorporated beading used by ethnic groups in Southern Africa on the outside of the bangle to give them their modern creative flair.

Cameroon Beaded Shields

Traditionally these shields were used as defensive weapons and also as decorative or ritual objects, which in Cameroon symbolise status and wealth. Hand carved from one piece of wood and decorated by artisans that have learned the ancient trades of their people through generational education.

Client Testimonials

Beautiful Work!

"I have two lovely Tikar beaded bangles that I've displayed with the two extraordinary Namji dolls I also ordered. The display stands are great and I am 100% pleased with these unique artifacts from Africa."




I am so taken with my beautiful Namji dolls, shield and Tikar bangle! Thank you Jabulani Creations for bringing this beauty and joy to our home!