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"Happiness is not perfected until it is shared" African Proverb

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Our Story

At Jabulani Creations, we aspire to provide specially curated collections, hand crafted by local African artisans. We have carefully crafted our business to reflect our values and goals which includes the ethical treatment of all our partners along the various business threads involved. We focus on eliminating the unknowns within the supply chain, providing clients a clear view of the benefits their purchases make in the lives and communities of the artisans. Our collections are a direct reflection of the talented partners and relationships we have formed, ensuring every item meets our high standards for quality, authenticity and Fair Trade, in accordance with the World Fair Trade Organization standards.

The inspiration for our name, Jabulani, "pronounced Jah-boo-LAH-nee, meaning happiness and to rejoice," is rooted in the African Zulu tribal language. The founder of Jabulani Creations discovered this beautiful expression while visiting an elephant sanctuary during her first trip to Africa.  Jabulani conveys the sentiment we aim to share with our clients, artisans and partners.

The vision of Jabulani Creations is to provide a meaningful connection between authentic African artisans and our clients. We believe kindness is essential and is more readily shared when we open ourselves up to and embrace new experiences, learn about other cultures, and develop an understanding and appreciation for what the world has to offer. Through our work, we have found kindness spreads quickly when we meet each other, when we can put a face to a name, and when we listen to the valuable stories being told.

Meet Our Founder

Hi, I am Isabel, founder of Jabulani Creations. I am thrilled that you have found us! I created Jabulani Creations to unveil unique and authentic products from Africa. I have a love for design and culture, and my passion is most fulfilled when the two come together.

Jabulani Creations hopes to spread kindness by sharing some of the diverse cultural beauty found in this fascinating world.  I believe one way is through sharing the stories and art of Africa.  I have spent years reading, researching, and learning about the different regions, tribes, and cultures of the African continent to expand on the familial knowledge gifted to me.

Jabulani Creations is rooted in my love and admiration of Africa, it’s cultures, people and art. This stems from the moment I was born and the family I was born into. Both of my parents grew up in Africa. My mother was born in Saudi Arabia but lived most of her childhood in Libya. My father grew up in Liberia, West Africa, and his parents would go on to live in Ghana and Egypt.

All in all, my family lived on the African continent for over four decades. I have spent my life surrounded by rich stories, beautiful craftsmanship and art from the places my family has called home. They taught me even the smallest act of kindness can make the biggest difference in a person’s day, and even their life.

Only the development of compassion and understanding for others can bring us the tranquility and happiness we all seek.  - Dalai Lama XIV

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Rwandan basket weaving artisan

Our Mission

The Jabulani Creations Mission is to provide ethically sourced and produced African products and textiles while removing supply chain unknowns and ensuring our customers transparency pertaining to all products e.g. origin, artisan and the direct, local positive impact of each purchase.

While the majority of our product line is collection based retail, one of our founders favorite things to do is to seek new sources for select merchandise, thus fulfilling your dream design.  If you see something you like, or are looking for something specific, please contact us.  We would love to assist with your custom request!  

Our Partners

All of our partners meet our high standards on ethical and sustainable business practices, and the free trade standards put forth by the Free Trade Organization. More information is available on each partner and the artisans below.

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